Harper Park, Peterborough Ontario

Located in the south end of the city Harper Park is one of the city’s most beautiful and hidden gems. Home to a multitude of regionally rare and endangered species and some of the most diverse landscapes in the city. Access is difficult although there are some herd paths that people have made throughout the park. You can access the park at approximately 632 Harper Road.


Jack’s Marsh, Wicklow Ontario

Owned by the Northumberland Land Trust, Jacks marsh is one of the most significant coastal wetlands in Northumberland County. It is home to many endangered species and is dominated by a large central wetland. Along the shore with Lake Ontario there is an incredible sand and cobble beach where shorebirds can be seen in the spring. There is no official access to this property.

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Monoprice Select Mini V2

A solid printer for a reasonable price; the Monoprice Mini is a great piece of machinery. The low price point does mean that there are several quirks that can be sorted out with a bit of elbow grease and ingenuity. In this series I take the time to review some of the best upgrades out there, and eventually design some of my own.

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The Cell Phone

I’ve always been fascinated with handheld technology, but I find the way in which modern cell phone manufacturers do business deplorable. From the way they treat their workers to the way they treat their customers, and the environment, cell phone manufacturers have a lot of work to do. Enter the Raspberry Jam (rJam) Its a phone based off of the popular raspberry pi architecture. I’m not the first to build a phone from a Raspberry Pi, but I may be the first to bundle it all up in a package that is user friendly. Follow me as I build the next great PiPhone.

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