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3 Great 3D Printed Canning Jar Inventions

In honour of Mason Jar Day I decided to put together a list of great mason jar inventions from thingiverse that you can print at home! Nearly all of my favorite projects for 3D printing come from taking everyday objects such as mason jars and producing something new and wonderful!

#1 Mini Mason Jar Greenhouse

ekopapers produced this wonderful little mason jar greenhouse that includes a self watering insert. A great design for keeping pets out or warm air in! He got the neat colour pattern by swapping filament Just make sure the bottom gets sealed to prevent any leaking.

#2 Modular Candy Dispenser

A great idea for the kitchen, your desktop or just to put a fun “twist” on your candy habit. This neat dispenser prints in 5 parts and uses the mason jar as a hopper for your candy. All of the parts snap together so there is no hardware required! Produced by MeesterED.

#3 Hummingbird Feeder

A great design by thingiverse user schlem. As a lover of birds and especially hummingbirds I absolutely love this design. It comes apart quickly making it easy to clean. It uses the mason jar as the holder for the hummingbird food. Just make sure you print the flowers in bright colours to attract the birds!