Birds in the City

Nice day today and yesterday. Went for two walks around downtown. Jackson Creek was high, but not full. Turkey vultures and crows around Hopkinsville neighborhood today. About 2 dozen sparrows of different varieties and a cardinal around the feeders in front of the credit union. Mostly sunny with an ocasional dramatic cloud passing by. The last of the snow is disappearing!

Winter Storm at the End of March

Woke up this morning to an incredible winter wonderland. Stepping into the backyard it was as if I was stepping into a large room, the snow had enveloped the space as if it had plastered the trees. Sound traveled in funny ways as if I was in a recording studio.

Foxes and an Impressive Storm

Great storm passed through town today dousing the streets and melting away the last of the snow that remained hiding in shadows. A small fox wandered into the neighbor’s backyard. I suspect that it was searching for a meal from the chickens. Chickadees and starlings abound in the backyard.