Legacy King City Radar

Radar imagery available here with no guarantee. Do not rely on this imagery for anything of any importance. Javascript must be enabled for proper display. Data is displayed in 20 minute intervals for the previous 3 hours. Newest radar images are available on a 10 minute delay.

When Environment Canada released their brand new weather radar map, I was not impressed, there are several issues I have with it’s readability. For the past 15 years I have used the King City Radar to watch the weather in my area and the change was jarring. Luckily Environment Canada still makes the images available through their online data portal, so I was able to reconstruct the map. I spent an afternoon writing some basic javascript so everyone can retain access to the legacy radar map for King City. This map comes with no guarantee, however if there is interest I may make other areas available in the future. Please enjoy and share!

Environment Canada if you’re reading this, please fix your new radar maps. They are barely legible, hard to read outside due to the low contrast, and the projection you are using distorts directional information.

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