Downtown Parking In Peterborough – Black Friday 2017

This past year there has been ample discussion within the downtown community on the number and location of parking spaces in our community. Constantly I hear complaints about the lack of parking in the core of our city. I decided today to go out and explore our downtown parking lots and catalogue just how much open parking space there is in the core of our city, on supposedly the busiest shopping day of the year. I can’t say I’m surprised, but perhaps you will be.

DSCF7541 (2)

The Simcoe St. parking lot roof at 12:13 PM

DSCF7543 (2)

The Simcoe St. parking lot level 4 at 12:17 PM

DSCF7545 (2)

Charlotte St. parking lot at 12:23 PM. According to city council, apparently there isn’t enough parking to justify taking spaces away for bike lanes.

DSCF7549 (2)

The King St. parking lot at 12:27 PM

DSCF7554 (2)

George St. on street parking at 12:36

If only we could harness our devotion to parking in the city of Peterborough to other quantifiably more important issues around environmental and social issues, perhaps we could see massive positive change within our community.


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