Building Turtle Habitats in Jack’s Marsh

In Ontario and Canada there is a plethora of funding opportunities for protecting species at risk. Grants from the Federal, Provinical governments and NGOs assist organizations in protecting species at risk across a wide range of habitat types. Turtles are among some of the most threatened species in the province, and the Northumberland Land Trust is working to protect them. Unfortunately we don’t know what turtle species are out there on our properties.


Jack’s Marsh is one of the last remaining coastal wetlands in Northumberland County, and the cattails are pervasive. The turtle basking habitat that does exist is limited and not visible to those wishing to monitor the site for turtles. In order to find out the species of turtles that live in Jack’s Marsh, the NLT stewardship committee spent a day out on the ice bringing some dead cedars to lie on the surface of the water and provide easily visible basking logs. Hopefully our work will result in the discovery of fascinating new species in Jacks marsh and open up opportunities for future property acquisition!

JVN Turtles (3).jpg

The cover of my upcoming cover band album. “The Stewards”


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