Your Next Bird List Could Have a Big Impact!

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If you don’t know about ebird you should! It is one of the most widespread global citizen science projects in existence that helps track the migration an population of birds worldwide. To participate simply create an account on the website or app and go out to a nearby hotspot to start birding. Every species you are able to identify helps increase our collective knowledge of bird movements worldwide. Plus it is a great way to brush up your own birding skills. Peterborough and area has one of the most active Ebird communities I am aware of. We have as many active participants as the entire city of Toronto! Even still there are some gaps in the map that should be filled in. With the summer birding season upon us, let me make a few suggestions about how your next bird list could have an outsized impact.

1. Fleetwood Creek Conservation Area

The Fleetwood Creek Conservation area is probably the furthest out of town but could be quite interesting to monitor for birds! At the moment only 7 species have been identified in the area, so there is lots more opportunity to find more! This conservation area has been identified by the Kawarthas Naturally Connected as an important North South wildlife connection between the Kawartha Lakes and the Oak Ridges Moraine

2. Lang Pioneer Village and Conservation Area

Probably you don’t think of birding as a primary activity when you visit Lang, but sure enough this conservation area has been identified as a birding hotspot on ebird. At the moment, there is only 1 bird species (Great Blue Heron) that has been identified on site. Anybody familiar with even the most common bird species should have no problem making a huge contribution here!

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3. Millbrook Provincial Fishing and Recreation Area

This birding spot has only 21 species identified in its entire history. Its proximity to the Oak Ridges Moraine should mean you should have no trouble finding dozens of other species. Plus, it is a beautiful area to go hiking and perhaps even catch a trout or two.

So get out there in the coming weeks and make an out-sized impact on citizen science in the Peterborough county! There’s still lots to learn about the birds in our region, and ever observation helps!

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